Rex is an example of what can happen when people with a passion come together.

As a puppy Rex spent his first months socializing and learning basic puppy skills with families and individuals who volunteer as foster parents to our program dogs.

At 4 months, Rex found himself being trained by 16 students at our Dorothy Thomas Program.  At 6 months, Rex moved in with the girls at Hillsborough Girls Academy (HGA), Department of Juvenile Justice as part of our DJJ Program.  The girls spent six months training and caring for Rex while he lived there.  Rex could often be found being treated like a much loved baby by the girls who doted on him.

The placement and training was a huge success. In fact, not one of the trainers in HGA received a disciplinary action while in our program.  One girl even went on to be offered a job at a local animal clinic after being released from HGA.

We are pleased that Rex was placed with a family who was not only looking for a dog, but one that could help a family member who was in the special forces and suffers from PTSD.  Tony, Rex’s new owner states, “Rex has helped me in many ways.  I believe the work that Kids and Canines has done is to train Rex, by design, to read my emotions and help remind me when I need to keep myself in check.  He not only provides comfort but serves as a barometer of sorts for me”.  Tony’s wife Stephanie commented, “Having Rex reminds us all as a family, especially when we watch him at play, that it is good to live in the moment and to enjoy ourselves in daily activities.”

Best wishes to Rex and his family.